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Hey everyone!  :)

So since bikini season is coming up and I know how all girls strive to have the best bikini body possible I thought I would post something on that as well – namely my favorite work out as well as where I work out, what I wear, and my favorite music!

Favorite Workout?

I LOVE this app called Nike Training Club (NTC) which you can just pull up on your phone anywhere you are and you don’t need much. It really helps if you do the excercises properly – I was so sore the first couple of times I did it. If anyone has questions on how to use it then comment below but it’s pretty simple. I am now at the intermediate level so that means everything from crunches to medicine ball excercises. I will do a 30 minute workout using NTC and then go running for about 30 minutes depending on my day and how energized I am. ALSO I’ve heard to workout for one day and rest the second – I believe this works and I can’t find the time everyday so 3-4 times a week is good!

Where do I workout?

I workout at home because we have our personal gym with a running machine as well as a couple of weights and a medicine ball. It has everything I need and for post-workouts we have a sauna and a small dip in icecold tub which is freezing but so refreshing! We also have a TV so I like to watch CNN while running on the machine or some Friends just so that I get a little distracted, it helps me run longer and faster.

What  do I work out in?

I have so many workout clothes that I don’t even get a chance to actually wear all of them. That’s my guilty pleasure. I think it’s so important to wear something cute while working out so that you feel healthy and beautiful about your body. Most of my stuff is in pink and neon ;) I have the same nike running shoes that I have been using since I was about 14 and I just am not tired of them! I want to buy a pair of new ones soon, any recommendations? :)

What do I listen to?

I usually am not someone to listen to Rihanna and Lady Gaga but if you download a couple of remixes that really keep you going they are great! It just helps you get into workout mood and energizes you, even if that may not completely be your genre.

Here are some pictures of where I workout! Ps: Keep flashcards for school while you’re running, I flip through them while I am walking to warm up and them being there makes me feel a bit accomplished ;)

photo 2 photo 1

ImageImageImageHope you manage your goal by summer :) Love, A