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My beauties,

I hope that all of you are having a beautiful day full of sunshine – not like me here in Graz with pouring rain. I do love this weather sometimes but I’d rather be out in the city wearing a summer dress and sandals getting ice cream with my besties :) (S & F – love you!)

What can you do to turn your frown upside down on a rainy day? That is what I’m going to tell you!

1. Nails nails nails :)

I love doing my nails and just listening to some music or talking on the phone with someone. The nail polish pictured is Essie’s “We’re in it together” :)


2. Face Mask

Allow yourself to be pampered on a rainy day! This is just a mask I got at the convenience store and it just makes your skin feel like baby skin. You’ll be super refreshed :)


3. Books

Rainy days and reading just go hand in hand. I love this book Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk and I could read it over and over again. It’s about a girl who’s coming of age and is full of romance but also friendship, drama, New York and many more themes. The literature in the novel is wonderful and  I love Wouk’s style of writing. <3


4. School & Studying

I know schoolwork is not your ideal but the rain really locks you indoors and it’s just a great way of buckling down and checking things off your test and homework list!


5. Summer vacation contemplation

This weather only makes you long for summer more…. So, what I thought is fun is to plan your trips for summer or make it a fun day by looking up hotels you want to stay in or the restaurants you want to dine in. I use this Travel Journal from Moleskin and it’s a godsend. It’s so cute and fun to write down your plans in!


6. Clean-up

I use rainy days as a chance to declutter – not only my life but also my closet!! I organize everything and get rid of things that I don’t wear very much anymore and it makes you feel so organized and your closet looks gorgeous as well!


7. Vanilla Candles

In the evening I love to light a candle and it makes my room smell so good and it just ends the day really nicely. I have this beautiful vanilla scented candle that I bought at Douglas. It just makes me feel cozy before going to bed :)


Last but not least this beautiful quote – I like rainy days once in a while and they make you feel super pampered and good about yourself :)

Love, A