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Hey bloggers,

Today I am posting some of the heels I own! They each have their own little place I bought them from and I love them. I don’t wear them all the time, and definitely not to school but they are great for going out or just a night out. I go to dinners a lot with my family and friends, so I wear them then :)

I added the range of painfulness, I think that pain is one of the most important factors when buying heels! It’s so important to buy comfy ones so that you can always look like a lady.
This quote is so true and this is how I feel when I wear my heels:

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.- Marilyn Monroe

Shoes – Deichmann
Occasion – Prom
Are they painful? – Yes :(
Shoes – Staccato
Occasion – Shopping with my mom
Are they painful – Not at all!
Shoes – Chinese Brand ??
Occasion – Shopping with my mom
Are they painful? – Nope.
Shoes – Pimkie
Occasion – 17th Birthday Bash
Are they painful? – Hell to the yes!
Shoes – Boutique in NYC
Occasion – Prom Night
Are they painful? – They are so comfortable
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Occasion – Shopping, bought them for fun
Are they painful? – Has anybody bought painful designer shoes? I don’t think so ;)
Shoes – Gucci
Occasion – Needed black heels
Are they painful? – Same as for my louboutins.
Shoes are wonderful! Especially heels! I didn’t take a picture of all my heels but this is basically my collection.
Hope you enjoyed,
Lots of love,